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Thread: Small amount of play in my OFR anchors on my Suhr 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by zepp View Post

    Where are you buying yours from? I’m having a little trouble finding the best US dealer for Gotoh.
    On Reverb, check your mail, sent ya a link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdave View Post
    Im not sure but I think I remember them not working together??
    Yeah, I had a feeling that would be the case. I'm about to run out the door, but let me quickly pop out the trem and get a video of the amount of lay I'm talking about, it seems like it should be too much.

    EDIRT - now with video. There;s really a fair amount of play, to the degree tat you can feel it in the bar. It *feels* a little like a loose arm holder in the way there's some play before the bridge begins to move, but I've ruled that out, the arm is rock-steady too.

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    Drew, I may be wrong, I read 1 letter at a time.... here is a evil bay link they give a spec, if the OFR anchors are the same size then you'd be good to go.

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    By all accounts Suhr has great customer service, so maybe reach out to them?
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    Gotohs anchors and threads are bigger, unfortunately it won't work.

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    Teflon tape, no?
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    The posts that screw into the inserts move? Like, D isn't ultra snug in E?

    +1 to what Rocka said. That's not unusual at all, especially on used older guitars. As Rocka said, mostly it's not an issue, because even if they aren't ultra snug when the actual trem assembly (the part with the baseplate) is making contact with them, once the whole thing is strung up and at tension they aren't going to move.

    It can occasionally be an issue. Not really a big deal though. Due to the compartmentalized design of shit like that if the issue is there you can just replace both the posts and the sleeve inserts. Which is like, $30 in parts tops.

    The worst case scenario (which you obviously seem to not have due to your description) would involve the inserts themselves being unstable. And even that is fixed by the relatively minor repair that would, at its most severe, consist of filling the post holes and redrilling them and installing new parts.

    Teflon tape or loc-tite would both work. If you don't want to fuck around with incremental fixes, buying replacement parts isn't that much more expensive.

    If you're the handy type and can use it for other stuff a tap and die set is also something to consider having on hand. I wouldn't get it just for guitar hardware. But it's a piece of kit for cleaning up threads.

    Those are good tools to have on hand, though somewhat specialty for the majority of people. They are useful if you have something like an old TOM assembly and you don't want to switch out just one piece because it's an older guitar and the hardware all has the same patina. But some of the threading has degraded from age and use so you have to clean it up.

    They are specialty though, in the sense that a good one is costly, and unless you have a specific reason to it's usually just a better idea to get a new screw or insert the screw goes into.

    Tremendously useful for cleaning up threading that has chipped or gone bad with age.

    Not that it would be useful in your case. If the fit is too loose and the parts are relatively new the problem most likely isn't that the threading needs to be recut.

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