Does quality of floyd matter if you are just going to block it?
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Thread: Does quality of floyd matter if you are just going to block it?

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    Does quality of floyd matter if you are just going to block it?

    I've got most of the parts kicking around to put together a beater RG, but I'm short a trem, and was wondering if I could get away with something cheap if I'm just going to have it permanently blocked?

    The body is routed for an Edge Pro, so suggestions of something cheap and easy to get would be welcomed. I'd normally be asking for a lefty trem, but since I'm blocking it I can probably get away with normal.

    Thoughts & advice welcome.

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    I wouldn't waste my money on an Edge or similar just to lock it, no.

    That said, quality does make a difference DEPENDING on how you lock it. I've had shitty trems that I locked to down only with a block of wood, and even on those, and even without using the bar, I'd have tuning errors because of inconsistencies in the knife edges.

    I think if it's, like, totally locked-locked in place, things like that become less of an issue but how you do it makes a big difference. If the guitar allows you to bottom out the trem height so it's sitting right on the face of the guitar, for example, that'd probably remove most of the concerns. If the bridge is required to float at all, the knife edge to post point of contact will always be a factor, to some degree.
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    Immediately? Nah.
    In the long run, probably. Moving parts (screws etc) can strip out and ruin your life
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    biggest bother for me with poor quality or budget bridges is the feel of the screws. when i upgraded my jackson licensed and floyd rose specials to Gotoh GE1996T's, the fine tuner screws were much better feeling. more heft on the knurled grip and they just rotate and adjust very smoothly - no extra force needed and easier to get into perfect tune. with the cheap models turning the fine tuners always feels kinda gritty like there're hard spots. also the rest of the hardware wearing out a lot faster if you have really acidic sweaty hands can be a problem as well. i'd change the cheap floyd out for a gotoh on any guitar, even a 100 dollar piece of crap. its just that much better.

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    If you're "hardtailing" the bridge functionally (tuning stability) you will be fine with whatever crap you can find.

    Of course, finetuners will be nicer on a Gotoh as Hellion mentioned

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    I have an RG470 with a TRS on it that’s blocked and I still hate it. The fine tuners move way too much, even after cleaning them all up. There’s also the feel aspect; I keep my right hand on the trem 95% of the time and I don’t feel the bridge vibrate as much as I do on an Edge. While I’ve never sat down and really tried to hear a difference, my initial thought is that the shitty, thin metal isn’t contributing to tone/sustain/whatever shit only I can hear.
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    Dammit.... so I'm gonna have to spend 150 squids on a lefty gotoh???

    Well poop.

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    I've got a couple of bridges in the house someplace. I'll look tonight and see if any of them will fit.

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