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Thread: The 'Tight' control - simple passive bass cut

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    Bigger cap value. If you check out the last few graphs you'll see the effect of gradually increasing the cap value. The ideal way to incorporate this is by putting it in front of an onboard buffer preamp. That gives you a constant known impedance (load) on the pickups and ensures your cutoff frequency stays the same no matter what you've got the guitar plugged into.

    BTW, I'm no longer using a low cut cap in my 8 as I've wound tighter sounding pickups for it.

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    Oh, and the cutoff frequencies shown are theoretical, it all depends on the pickups and what their load is. The graphs help get in the right ballpark and understand what's going on, but to get the ideal cap value you need to experiment a little.

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    There's also the fender tbx control, which has a center detent, then cuts treble when turned one way, and bass when turned the other way.

    El caco, I remove the tone pots from my guitars...I even have a couple that were built without them. I basically can't stand having any roundness to my note attack, and removing the tone pot helps that.

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    Epic bump for a fantastic thread.

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    Holy crap... how did i miss this original post? Thanks for the bump! I'm gonna have to try these!

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    Works great man. Definately check it
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    Thanks guys.

    Its not that my pickups arent tight enough as is i just like to get rid of all the garbage sub 95hz and this method seems ideal for that.

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    Hmmm.... A use for the disconnected tone pots in my low tuned guitars, excellent.

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