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Thread: The 'Tight' control - simple passive bass cut

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    Hi guys

    I have a question about the Ohms load when adding a pot in series. When I first heard of this mod the first thing came to mind is that I'm not only cutting bass but adding treble since I'm adding resistance, which may not be what I really want.

    I tried this mod but it seemed even with the bass rolled in (pot bypassed, mostly) that it was still too bright.

    I have it reversed where it's max (bass) signal at 10, and bass-cut at 0, but I've had it the other way around as well with similar results. (This point is irrelevant, I know)

    4 reasons I can fathom:

    1- adding a 500k in series with the 500k volume is essentially 1m and thus too bright for my tastes.

    2- being I used a 500k pot it may not be resisting well enough and some signal is going through the cap even with bass rolled on.

    3- I screwed up and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing lol

    4- a combination of any of the above

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    It shouldn't have any effect on the pickup load because the resistance isn't between hot and ground. IIRC the highs shouldn't change at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpm View Post
    It shouldn't have any effect on the pickup load because the resistance isn't between hot and ground. IIRC the highs shouldn't change at all
    ok thanks

    Would you know why the guitar with this mod with bass rolled on is still treblier than without the mod?

    It's on a Luke 3 all rosewood neck EBMM BTW. With the booster removed. Basically its a passive HSS 1 vol, 1 tone.

    A very dark sounding guitar, but not necessarily muddy, more of a low/low mid gritty twang..

    I had the mod with a.0033 and that was too much cut for sure

    The plan (for now)

    I picked up a .01 uf cap and I'm gonna wire it in series with the bridge pup, in between the switch and vol.

    Use the tone knob as just that a tone knob for the singles because they sound almost perfect but could use a bit of treble cut, so they're getting the tone knob dedicated to those.

    Hopefully the .01 will 'fine tune' the bridge pup.


    Edit: I used a.0033 before, not a .033uf lol
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    Location: Cornfield, Midwest
    ME: EBMM Luke III
    Rig: Dual Rec head

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    I tried a .01uf in series on the brdg pup only, without a tone hooked up. Still too bassy.

    I then used an .0047 with an .0033 in parallel, for .008uf, but it was still too bassy.

    So i clipped off the .0033 and now its just the .0047uf by itself. its not perfect, but useable.

    I also hooked up a 500k tone w/.022 cap off the volume for a master, to shave off some treble, even on 10.

    I may try a different bridge pickup in there. There's an EBMM/Dimarzio Axis in there atm, and its kinda fuzzy, unlike when I had it in my lp.

    I may try a '59 in there next.

    Its getting there, slowly but surely. Its fun doing trial and error finding what works.

    BTW the old 'tonewood' debate: IMO its the neck that shapes the tone more than the body. This guitar has a Rosewood neck, and is the most stubborn guitar Ive ever come across in terms of shaping its tone.
    -but thats for another thread lol

    I picked up a TBX pot last weekend. I may try either that or the bass cut mod to a pick guard loaded with Texas Specials, to see if I can make them work for me.


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    Hi everybody, I know this is an old thread so I hope somebody will still answer me. I yesterday tried the simplest version of the mod, but just for my neck pickup: After some experimenting I really liked the effect of a 3nF cap in series with the neck's output. However, after some playing I felt I don't want it hard wired, but variable so I can dial it into my tone when I want (because the phase shift induced also affects my middle toggle switch setting).

    Can anybody advise me how to turn the setup of just a 3nF cap in series with the neck output into a configuration with a (the same?) cap and a pot that let's me dial it in? I'd like to keep the same cutoff frequency and phase shift characteristics if possible, or approach them as much as possible...

    Would I just wire a pot in series with the cap? Giving the possibility to short across the cap or the "force" (almost) all signal through it? Not sure if it genuinely works like this...

    Thanks a lot for any advise!
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    I tried this mod using my existing 500K potentiometer with a 332 capacitor (0.0033nf). The difference is quite subtle tho, but it does make the sound more midrange focused. It does cut the rumble that usually mask the bass guitar and kick drum frequency. Using it with Railhammer Vintage (N) & Gibson Dirty Fingers (B). Amp: Laney Ironheart Studio. Cab: VOX 1x12 with Celestion G12M Greenback. Tqvm for the post!

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    Resurrecting this thread yet again as I've got a question I'm hoping someone can answer.

    Using the "permanently wired" schematic, what do I need to do differently there to use my existing 500meg volume pot instead of moving to a 1meg? The reason is because I'll be inserting this circuit into the neck pickup only, and a 1meg volume pot would screw with my bridge tone too much. I'm guessing I'd need to add a resistor or two? Thanks in advance!

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