Song a week challenge: (Pre) Season 0, Week 1
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Thread: Song a week challenge: (Pre) Season 0, Week 1

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    Song a week challenge: (Pre) Season 0, Week 1

    Thread for the first week of the song a week challenge, this is a pre season, so it might end in chaos, or might go wrong around xmas, but it's meant to see how it works, get bandcamp/soundcloud stuff done and just serve the purpose of, well, getting all the fuckups and problems out of the way so we can start properly in january.

    1) Submissions by end of play Friday 7th of December
    2) Even if noone can check, the spirit is writing a song a week
    3) No rules on genre, you don't even need to do the same style next week
    4) Must be a song, unless you have a very (and I mean the kind that is beyond the ability of mere mortals) good argument for playing the same riff for 3+ minutes it won't fly
    5) Entries composed on a tascam or without drums, whatever, also welcome, this is about writing a song, not dressing it up in lipstick and a short skirt
    6) If you don't submit, you're eliminated (but you can still keep on submitting anyway as practice, this way the competitives get to be competitive, and the less so inclined still get to join in).

    We will not:
    1) Make people feel bad about mixing skills by turning this into a mixtest competition, it's about getting a load of us writing to a deadline, this is about writing, not about how awesome your headless kiesel sounds through an axe fx with superior drummer
    2) Make people feel bad about how well it's recorded
    3) Spam thread with songs we've had lying around for ages or anything non relevant to this competition and it's rules
    4) Discourage anyone from participating
    5) Tell anyone they suck. Songwriting is a skill, you learn it, some people will be better, others worse, this isn't a pissing competition
    6) Steal others work or ideas.

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: 7th plane of ethereal hell
    ME: Ibanez UV7PWH
    Rig: VHT UL /AxeFX2 /Mesa RK2

    iTrader: 8 (100%)

    PS: post to register participation, and also so you can get sent login details for where to upload without us needing to spam it in plain view on the thread

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    Ok, I'm in.

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    In, grimness incoming

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    I'm in!
    "How can less be more? It's impossible. More is more."
    -Yngwie J. Malmsteen

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    I can't sing period, but I do have some Kontakt choir instruments. I'm in.

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    Good set of rules, I'm in!

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    I'd like to participate. Does 'song' mean it has to have vocals btw?
    call me on 911 (USA) or 999 (UK) for poser disposal services

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