Need some 7-string song suggestions
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Thread: Need some 7-string song suggestions

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    Need some 7-string song suggestions

    Since getting my PRS SE 7 string last year I've played it about 4 times. It's a great guitar, but it turns out my tastes have changed and the majority of songs I was interested in playing that needed a 7 string aren't really songs I'm interested in playing anymore. So it's pretty much just sitting on the rack. Turns out there's only so many times you can play Wither before it starts getting really, really boring...

    So I need some recommendations of songs to learn on it, so it's not just sitting there. Ideally something that uses most of the range, rather than just chugging the low B/A/whatever else it's tuned to.
    Also ideally nothing Vai level - Weeping China Doll is still on my to learn list, but it'll be a long while before I'm anywhere close to being able to play it.

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    I played a bunch of Amon Amarth songs on my 7-string (although they play on 6-strings in B).

    The Mirror and Lie by Dream Theater are pretty cool and are (mostly) not that difficult - the solo in Lie is a bit tricky.
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    Any song that can be played on a six-string, can be played on a seven-string.

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    Learn all of 'Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise' it's what I did when I had seven strings.

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    No surprises for my recommendation, anything by Fear Factory. Fear Campaign would be a good start, as its got leads in too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChainOfThought View Post

    Write some jams!

    Then learn a ton of Unearth songs. There's a lot of low B chugging but I'll be damned if those guys don't fly around the fretboard too.
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