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I had an Iron Label 8 string and a Dean ML 8 string for a while and it wasn't the scale length the screwed with me, having smaller hands did with that massive fretboard, lol! Also has a LTD SC607b for a while, fantastic guitar, probably should've kept it, lol! My main guitar these days is my Ibanez RGIB6(28" scale)and it wasn't bad to get used to and it sounds amazing in drop A, I've also got a BC Rich Bich that has a 30" scale, now that took some getting used to, still working on that, lol! Kind of on the hunt for a 27" baritone 6 string to add to the toolbox. As has been mentioned posture, position has helped me a lot along with regularly switching around scale lengths.

Jesus 30". Yeah that's a no for me