When I bought both of my new Jacksons they came with a few free lessons from Fender Play. I didn't bother taking advantage of the offer, but my wife was curious. A few weeks ago they ran some deal where you could get all the lessons you wanted for only $45 for a year, so we got her a subscription.

I sat down with her yesterday and watched as she went through the first 10 or so, and I have to say they're pretty good. Obviously you don't have the interaction/feedback of learning with a live guitar teacher, but since I was there to help her along, she really dug it.

Even if the first of the teachers is the truvest of metallers:

It starts with the bare bones basics, like the construction of the guitar, how to plug into and set your pedal and amp, etc. before moving on to basic exercises like fretting open-1-2-3-4 etc. Overall, so far it seems like a really cool deal for anyone trying to learn guitar. My only quibble is they don't discuss how to hold a pick until they've had you do 4-5 exercises that require holding a pick - seemed a little cart->horse to me (and funny enough, my wife turned to me right before they mentioned it to verify she was holding it correctly). And, the guy in the first picture tells the students that you always turn the tuning key one direction to tune up, which may not be true for all headstock configurations, but people should figure that out pretty quickly.

So, if anyone is looking to gift a friend or family member with guitar lessons, Fender Play is totally worth it if you can get a deal on it (otherwise, I think it's only $99/year, which is still far cheaper than in-person lessons). And, they offer the 30-day free trial, too. play.fender.com

Oh, and a lot of you probably already know this, but they have a free tuning app for smart phones that's pretty cool. I verified her tuning from across the room with it after downloading it from the app store. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fender...r/id1107017950