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    I'm ana hard rock guy and power chords is all I know. Everytime I watch a YouTube video those guys do their intros which are simple but I can't do it because they are playing chords. And I want to learn more other types of chords but I do not know how to do it or even where or how to begin ....can you give me some advice on where and how to begin?

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    Get an accoustic, yiu will learn chords fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Get an accoustic, yiu will learn chords fast
    yes like Nick said. I take an electric guitar break every now and then, playing acoustic is a good way to expand your playing.

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    Start with the basics like these linked. Then learn to add or remove a finger to add variety. Later on you will see that barre chords are the same chords just with your first finger becoming the nut.
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    Shameless plug, but I have a few lesson on my site, it doesn't show you all the chords, but I go through what a chord is, and how they're created. For example a Major chord formula is 1-3-5. I show you what that means. Then you can go on and find different fingerings of that chord using the Find Notes On The Fretboard app that I wrote. I put them up near the beginning of the COVID breakout as a way to help a few friends I was helping learn guitar.

    Lessons: Lespauled

    FindNotesOnFretboard: Find Notes On Fretboard - by Lespauled

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