Figured I'll just let go of the ole Washburn USA Nuno Bettencourt N7 Vintage(relic'd). It needs work. Soon here I may not have a place or access to the tools I need to make it proper so I'm just going to pass it along. Brian Bowes said he could fix it but I'm just not into this guitar anymore. It's what would be called a "generation 2". It plays fine as long as you don't mind your action a bit high. Like about 2mm or more above the 12th fret. I'm picky so I like mine around the 1mm mark. Can be made perfect if you know how to pull a fretboard off and put the proper truss rod in. Then gen 2s are from after they booted the Stephens Guitars guys off the Nuno builds and Washburn did their own thing. Like put the wrong truss rods in, etc.

Paid $2k for one of my dream guitars(used) and it can be yours for the low price of SOLD!