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    Isn't there some website that they test your DNA and tell you what diseases you are predisposed to? I think a lot of it is hereditary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schreckmusic View Post
    Why? I used to rely on coffee for energy ,crash and repeat. Now I feel good all day, why go back?
    Because it's amazing?

    I was suggesting that it may be what you were adding to the coffee that was giving you some stomach discomfort, and not the coffee by itself. I just don't want to see you throwing out the baby with the bathwater

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    Tight work!

    We've been on a whole food/plant based diet for a little over a year now. Occasionally I'll pig out and get some Beyond Sausages (the hot Italian ones are ridiculously good) or pick up an Impossible Whopper at BK, but I generally feel it immediately after. I got my first blood test in over 20 years about 3 months ago and my doctor almost shit his pants, every number was perfect. He suggested the blood test because he was curious if my iron levels were high enough and frankly, I was as well. I do take a supplement because I started noticing some skin issues that I think were the result of a lack of zinc/copper. I picked up a multi-vitamin specifically made for vegans at Whole Foods and within a week the dry skin went away.

    We're constantly trying out new recipes to keep things exciting. Some of the best stuff has been the easiest to make, like this sweet potato Mexican dish. Steamed sweet potatoes, corn, black beans, tomatoes, cilantro and the juice from 2 limes. Mix all that until it the sweet potato breaks down a bit and starts mixing with everything and serve it over a bowl of raw spinach. Takes about 15 minutes to make and I inhale that stuff.

    I use the challenge22.com website to find recipe ideas a lot, it's all vegan stuff but I've found a few on there that have been pretty good. Allrecipes.com is another one I use a lot.

    Occasionally I get frustrated with the extra steps it takes to get healthy food in my body, when I'm dead tired and the last thing I want to do is cook, never mind making sure every item is non-processed/organic, so we started planning our meals out on Sundays when we do all the shopping. Just doing that made our lives so much easier and we ended up saving a ton of money because it took out the "It's 8pm and I have no clue what to make for dinner, let's just order some veggie sushi" nights.
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    I stopped eating animals on January 1st. I'm not a Vegan by any means but I can consider myself a vegetarian for now. I love Cheese and Butter and Eggs too much to get rid of them so fast. Also stopped eating cookies and cakes by 90% and lowered Carbs a lot(Bread, Pastas) and also much less Cheese and Butter, Yogurts (even Soy ones that are filled with sugar). Dont eat processed food anymore, so no frozen Pizzas and similar stuff.

    Reduced the amount of food I was eating and almost stopped eating fruits at night (too much sugar). After 3-4 weeks I stopped being hungry all the time and now if I try to eat same quantities as before I get to so full up that I hate the feeling of being "bloated".

    I lost 7-8 kilos (16-17 pounds?) without any exercise so far and I'm very happy about it.. But i'm not really following a diet and since i'm going on a work break I need to seek counsel from a proper Nutritionist before I do something that can really hurt myself and of course go hit the gym as well.

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    I had Bubbas veggie burgers for the 1st time this week. WOW! They are amazing! You taste the black beans more than anything else but it is delicious.


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    I going to buy this book because everytime I look at those pics I salivate for them all:


    And the 30 min Title is the perfect excuse too

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