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Thread: Employees required to wear fitness tracker

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    Quote Originally Posted by robanomoly View Post
    Are any of you required by your work to wear a fitness tracker, log activites, check-in with weight and blood pressure, note what you eat, do on-line health assesments and other shit...in order to be eligible for the companies health insurance?
    I had to do it working for the Forest Service, but that's a government job/GS. A lot of government jobs that require physicality do it.

    I wouldn't worry about people actually looking at your Fitbit data. Fitbit exists to make money. No one looks at that shit. Fitbit made a big deal with your health insurance provider and sold them a bunch of units. That's what happened.

    If you Insurance is going to fuck you they are going to do it with or without Fitbit's data. There have already been quite a few court cases (some of them murders where the victim was wearing a fitbit) where judges have ruled on Fitbit's legal admissibility, so you can look those up.

    I mean yeah, your Insurance is going to try and fuck you over however they can, this is the US, but they are going to do it with or without a Fitbit. If you get in a situation where they are like, "We don't owe you shit because on Tuesday you only took 299 steps instead of the required 300", you can take it to court and the judge will say fitbit isn't admissible, because it's not infallible.

    But you know, once again, this is the US. Your Fitbit data is far from the only thing your insurance company can use to try and deny you the coverage you paid for. They may very well use it to try and deny a claim or something and have some fine print in there, but if they didn't have the Fitbit thing, they would do it some other way.

    You don't have a ton of options. Your only option is a class action. This is America, you don't have a ton of options against massive for profit companies as a private citizen.

    But yeah, in terms of the privacy aspect, I wouldn't be worried about like. Big Brother watching your caloric intake or anything. The only time anyone is ever going to look at that data is if your health insurance company tries to use it to deny you something, in terms of privacy it's like, no one is keeping track of that shit. Fitbit and your Insurance made a deal that was mutually beneficial which ended up with your insurance company getting a ton of Fitbit units.

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    Even if that is legal by US federal law (which it might be, considering Trump is president right now), it seems like it'd at least be illegal by Massachusetts state law.

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