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Thread: 2020 "Get In Shape" Workout Goals Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markus View Post
    ugh, just tried to beat a CR on Strava - fell 10 seconds short of the record on a 2.3 km segment . At the end my HR was 197
    Saw that on Strava - you were still moving, man! Great effort.

    KOM hunting is great training, though - I've become MUCH stronger since I first started going after them.
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    Covid has led to an interesting schedule for me. Been averaging 2 hrs of biking 6 days a week. Also been doing a ton of trailwork as my local trails got absolutely massacred by heavy spring rains and and a ton of corona traffic. Definitely creeping towards a decent overall level of fitness. If I keep up the biking and get a bit of a diet on I should be at a personal peak. On the other hand my local trails don't offer a lot of descending time, so it will be interesting to see how I hold up when venturing to my preferred hunting grounds. I think as long as I drop the weight I should be pretty ok. Definitely too fat and it's what's holding me back the most.

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    Coming up on mid-year, so time for a checkin.

    Covid sort of torpedoed all of my event-based goals - the organizers are still trying to make VOMAR/Overland happen, but it doesn't look good and everything else is cancelled.

    Of the 5 KOMS up Winter Hill in my neighborhood, I've got three of them outright, one tied with the prior KOM (who I think might have been on an e-bike or holding onto a car, the data looks shady (and has no cadence/HR), and the guy has a couple really fast efforts all in the same week but usually is much slower), and the fourth is held by someone Im pretty sure is a domestic pro who used to ride for MIT so I don't know how realistic it'll be to take, but I'm gonna do my best. One of them I lost, to a guy I follow on Strava, and had to take back - he took mine by a second, I took his by two, which on a quarter mile climb is enough of a margin that I think he's given up, and I hope he has because I don't know how much I could improve my time by and I REALLY don't want to have to try.

    Collected a bunch of neighborhood KOMS during the shutdown too, taking advantage of less traffic than normal and working from home for lunchtime rides to do a bit of KOM hunting on unusually quiet streets. Eight of them, though at least two or three of those are ties so they don't show up on my list of KOMs.

    I haven't done a FTP test in a while and I need to, but my weight is dropping - down about 10lbs from my highs at the start of the year - so that's at least progress on part of the equation to breaking 4w/kg this year.

    I hit my goal on the easier Lanesboro side of Greylock earlier in the year even with bonking pretty hard in the last two miles - I've only done the North Adams side once and it was part of a much longer day of climbing so I was taking it pretty easy, but I still came within 2 1/2 minutes of my time the first time going up that climb back in late 2015, going as hard as I was able then. When I do make it back for a full gas effort I should be able to at a minimum improve my PR.

    I never gave myself a formal distance goal for this season, but I also never reset my 5,000 mile goal from last year on Strava, and I'm currently about 150 miles behind pace there, which given the pandemic is pretty good, I think - I'm comfortably ahead of where I was last year when I ended up falling just short of 5,000.

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