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Thread: We need another "Dinner" thread

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    Here's tonight's dinner.

    Grilled Cod "Kate Style" (something they do at my girlfriend's restaurant) that consists of panko breadcrumbs, artichoke hearts, feta, and a lemon butter basil sauce, accompanied with a side of broccoli rabe.

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    I made a kick-ass beef barley stew. Holy crap, was it ever tasty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post
    I made a kick-ass beef barley stew. Holy crap, was it ever tasty.
    That actually sounds really good.

    I grew up with the impression that good soups and stews were difficult to make, mainly because my mom emphasized that you needed to make the "stock" from scratch.

    Now, I've learned a lot of the shortcuts!

    There's an Irish Pub here in Jax that has a Guinness beef and barley stew that looks to die for; they were actually on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri, and he seemed pretty impressed. I've been there a few times, but have yet to try it.

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    Okay, so tonight we threw down a little.

    My girlfriend just got done working 5 bar close bar shifts in a row, so this is our Friday night.

    Basically, some roasted asparagus with parmesan and crumbled bacon with cognac marinated filets topped with a lump crab Bearnaise.

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    THis is my lunch at 10 30 at night. Nothing exciting except for the meat. I already ate most of it, but it was 500 calories of Chicken(white meat) with artichokes and tomatoes in some sauce. got it off of the publix website. Nice way to eat good food for cheap. Along with 2 peices of bread(a must in my family), A can of coke, and no matter what anyone says the spongebob mac and cheese is the best. A full box. Heart attack here i come! For desert, a twix ice cream bar. Becuase its monday!

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    The local seafood market had some really good looking trigger in (one of my absolute favorite fish) so we got some and whipped something up.

    Grilled trigger with a spicy tomato cashew sauce with a side of quinoa.

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    that. looks. awesome.

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    I like your plates.

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