Fitness: where do I start?
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Thread: Fitness: where do I start?

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    Fitness: where do I start?

    ...and don't say "the gym".

    A bit of background: I'm 5'9" or so. 36" waist for jeans. 2 years ago I was wearing 33" combats and walking a good 4 miles or so a day, mainly on hills, now the only exercise I get is the walk to my car. My job involves around 10 hours a day of sitting down. The big problem is with me, whenever I gain weight it's only on my belly, nowhere else.

    I'm aiming to get back to the shape I used to be in (my cardio's crap these days) and hopefully gain some muscle mass/definition since about the heaviest thing I lift is my pedalboard.

    The "local" gym is miles off and not particularly good, so I'm looking to keep to outdoors stuff and stuff I can do at home, which I'm having trouble finding. I've got a set of dumbbells and I'll be going over some of the exercises in the old Baseball for Dummies book I got a while back, and once the weather clears up I'll start doing some cycling again, but other than that I haven't got a clue where to start.

    Diet isn't a problem, it's almost entirely natural products, plenty of protein. The only possible issue is I get through a massive amount of chocolate (72% stuff) a week, but I'm going to cut that down.

    Given the above, is there anything I should be focusing on?

    TLDR: exercises/advice for a total noob, that don't involve gyms. Go.

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    Check out dumbbell and barbell complexes. If you have a set of 25 lb dumbbells, and a standard 45 lb barbell, that's all you need.

    These are a go-to workout for me if I'm not going to a gym or if I hit a plateau.

    Essentially, you do a non-stop circuit of 5 exercises, and they can vary, but here's a good starter one:

    curl -> overhead press -> squat -> row -> dead

    So start with curls, do maybe 6 reps, then go right to press, squat, etc. One full circuit would be one set. Rest, then repeat 3 more times.

    I usually start out with jump rope, and jump rope in between each two sets.

    Then move to barbell. Another good starter would be something like:

    dead -> upright row -> overhead press -> squat -> good morning

    6 reps, 4 sets for starters. Increase the weight and reps as needed as you start to get used to the routine (both muscle memory wise, and endurance wise, you'll see what I mean).

    These can be a real ass-kicker, and are a great no-gym, total body hit. This workout usually takes me about an hour.

    Your diet sounds good, but I'd say leave the chocolate in there! It's one of my weaknesses, too. If you are not moving too much during the day, but incorporate something like this workout into a schedule, I would just try to shift some of your carb intake times and fat/protein intake times to make the usage more optimal.

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    After a delay caused be me managing to pull something in my elbow getting one of my guitars out of my car , I think I'm back in business for this.

    First off - Thanks Jaxadam, I've just been googling those and I'll be giving the dumbbell ones a try tomorrow.

    Elysian: I've never really done any running before - I used to muck around with my mountain bike when I was younger so I never saw the point in it then. Definitely worth a go though - any distance I should be aiming for as a complete novice, considering it'll be on steep terrain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tibernius View Post
    2 years ago I was wearing 33" combats and walking a good 4 miles or so a day, mainly on hills, now the only exercise I get is the walk to my car.
    Well, there's your answer right there.

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    The kitchen. As much as you don't want to admit it, diet is your problem. If you can't break that 10 hour sit at your job (which I'd find hard to believe that you couldn't), consuming less calories versus burning them off with exercise is where I'd focus.

    It takes less time to eat less than it takes to exercise more.

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    If you only gain weight in the gut area don't even bother working out, chicks will still bang you with a beer gut. I put on weight like an eskimo though, so I run around.

    The only exercises you really need are cardio and hammer curls. Since the only muscle group that really matters is biceps.

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    To lose weight you eat less than your TDEE every day, you don't need to exercise to work out, but it is strongly recommended because if you don't lift while you cut weight you're just going to look like a new sort of shit when you're at goal. Google a TDEE calculator, track your calories, eat 500 less than the number you got every day (always check that you are sedentary when it asks or it over estimates) if you are consistent you will lose about a 1lb a week after your water weight normalizes. The slower it comes off the better. And optional: Get on a beginner lifting program to help preserve muscle mass and to get strong. I recommend Starting Strength for the first month or so then upgrade to Greyskull LP as GSLP focuses more on hypertrophy (bigger muscles). I've lost over 100lbs of fat doing this and gained over 20lbs of muscle, do not get discouraged and good luck. In the words of Zyzz our based aesthetic saviour: we're all gonna make it brah.

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