MG on Strava & Other Fitness Apps
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Thread: MG on Strava & Other Fitness Apps

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    MG on Strava & Other Fitness Apps Strava Club:

    For $2 a year, Tapiriik will sync many of them automatically.

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    Haven't run i a year - but suddenly, three times this week :-).

    Anders Bornholm Athlete Stockholm, Sweden | RunKeeper

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    I switched from RunKeeper to MapMyFitness+ a while back before they added the same options MapMyFitness has. It used to be run/walk only. It's a great app though, but something about MMF+ just seems to have a better flow to it.

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    Thinking about switching from Nike+ to RunKeeper...

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    Best. App. Ever.

    I am on too now and this will come in handy for climbing.

    Thomas Quigley Hiker Amesbury, MA, USA | RunKeeper

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    when I first read the thread title I thought it said runekeeper

    I think I was a viking in a previous life.

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    I don't run but I do hike so I'll check this out. The lady and I have been wanting to track the distances of our hikes.
    [Leon] 10:03 pm: She can poop on my chest anyday

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    Wirelessly posted

    I'll download it! Been doing more running lately (even though I hate it)

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