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Thread: Rick Graham's fitness journey

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpexus View Post
    We all deal with Grief in different way

    I haven't clicked the video Matt posted until today, Yikes I wasn't expecting he was so "big" again. Hope he recovers mentally, nothing helps if mentally we aren't fit.
    Yeah, I didn't click it until last night either. He was a lot bigger than I expected. In fact, he looks a lot bigger than he was in the largest "before" picture in the weight loss video.

    While it is extremely easy to gain weight, especially as you get older and your metabolism slows down (I know this from personal experience -- the slowing of the metabolism is insanely brutal, no joke), that does seem like a pretty drastic change. I don't know how long it took for him to go from an exceptionally well sculpted physique to morbidly obese, but I guess that just shows how devastating depression can be. I hope he gets better soon.

    As for his music, the guy is an insanely talented guitarist with great tone and an awesome sense of phrasing. He's in a field of his own, basically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Bummer either way. I don't know a thing about this guy other than that he can play his ass off and I dig his videos.
    Same, I don't really care how fit he is, I mostly care that he can play his fucking ass off, and want him in a good enough place mentally where he can continue to do that for a long time to come. If a dozen twinkies a day gets him there, then so be it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    Applies to a lot of things and, in honesty, is somewhat predictable. I mean, I know all the stuff above about what he's going through in life but in general, these massive swings in demeanor are very unhealthy.

    You really shouldn't be swinging from like, fat ass to competitive body building. Your health (physical and mental) is an important thing and the key to being healthy is stability. If you decide you want to get in shape, or at least get 'not-fat', the solution shouldn't be exercise 4 hours a day, and eating twigs for every meal becoming your entire life because it's unsustainable. The only thing worse than going through a terrible thing in life or gaining a bunch of weight is knowing what it's like to be fit, torturing yourself to get there, and then three years later and you look in the mirror and you're worse than you are before.

    And I don't mean this as a critique of Rick in particular because I don't know him and you don't 'dress people down' that way but I've just seen a lot of people that tie their happiness to an either unachieveable or unsustainable goal and they live miserably being constantly reminded they didn't accomplish it or they're torturing themselves trying to get there and not keep it.
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