Rick Graham's fitness journey
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Thread: Rick Graham's fitness journey

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    Rick Graham's fitness journey

    I went to Rick Graham's YouTube channel, and he has this video set as the one that plays on his home page. I had no idea he used to be overweight. I must have only seen recent videos. This is pretty nuts, and figured some of you fitness guys might dig this.

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    Sorry to necro this thread, but it just sprung to mind as I watched him on a recent video of Rick Beato's. Looks like he's reverted back to being a big boi again

    Fuck :\

    I've yo-yo'd a lot in my life, but not to that extreme. Seems crazy that that much work and dedication can go out the window. I simply don't have that much dedication to get ripped, so to watch someone obtain it and then lose it is almost insulting
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    To be fair it must take some amount terrible living to go from that physique to fat again, it's pretty impressive he has managed it

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    After a certain while if your metabolism is to be more chubby you will get the weight back. Maybe he just stopped doing Gym as hard as he used to do it, could be health reasons or could be he doesn't care anymore as long as he doesn't go a certain level.

    What I know is when I was younger I could loose weight super fast just by eating less and be more selective on what I ate. After 40's oh boy... im starting to be like that women joke were we gain kilos just by looking at the restaurant menu

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    He posted a couple years back (after the weight loss) that we was an alcoholic, and it seems that he still struggling with that.

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    Bummer either way. I don't know a thing about this guy other than that he can play his ass off and I dig his videos.

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    Yeah he lost his brother to suicide a while back and that hit him really hard, then he fell off the wagon. It was really sad to see, as he is insanely talented and seems like a genuinely lovely guy. He was posting videos of him playing while blind drunk, and going off on rants about Bach, then went silent for a long time. I hope he is on the up now.

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    We all deal with Grief in different way

    I haven't clicked the video Matt posted until today, Yikes I wasn't expecting he was so "big" again. Hope he recovers mentally, nothing helps if mentally we aren't fit.

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