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Thread: 2017 "Get In Shape" Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFB View Post
    The biggest kicker of all is despite the past three months of working out five days a week, come the weekend when I'm hauling my hamper of laundry from the basement up to the third floor, I still get fucking winded

    I'm on my 3rd load of the day, so knowing I have that coming once more my way isn't exactly a huge ego boost
    Once you start running outside instead of on the elliptical, your cardio will improve a ton man. Head over to Kenoza or Maudslay and crush it in the spring. Trail running is awesome, easier on your knees/feet, and much more scenic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    I already go to the gym 5-6 days a week, but I'd really like to start going on regular hikes. I've been told it's a workout that no gym can simulate.
    Hiking is a different type of endurance. I can out hike a lot of people way more athletic than me. If we jogged they'd kick my ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulletbass man View Post
    Hiking is a different type of endurance. I can out hike a lot of people way more athletic than me. If we jogged they'd kick my ass.

    i can do 30-50km with a ~75lb pack and 1000's of meters of elevation change allllllll day long.

    If i tried to jog 10km right now, I'd be puking my guts out.

    That said, fell and trail running is the shit if you're looking for cardio bumps.
    Jesus dies at the end....

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    find a way to drum that doesn't flare up my hamstring tendonitis
    start eating smarter
    get two skateboarding sessions in before the end of the year

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    I'm going to mostly keep doing what I've been doing, cycling to work, running semi-regularly, playing tennis once or twice a week etc. I also need to add some more gym training and need to start eating more, since I don't want to lose any more weight.

    In terms of concrete goals, the following should be pretty realistic:

    5 k under 20 minutes (current record 20:34)
    10 k under 45 minutes (current record 45:18)
    Bench press 10 x 80 kg (I 've done this maybe 9 years ago - need to regain that strength)
    25 chin-ups (my record is 23 - also 9 years ago)
    Of course I also need to improve my squats and deadlifts
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    "How can less be more? It's impossible. More is more."
    -Yngwie J. Malmsteen

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    That time of year again, lol.

    - I think I'm just going to target 3,000 miles this year; I haven't cut my annual target on Strava from the 3,500 it's set at currently, but there were a few days I was out there riding after work not because I wanted to, but to just check the box and get a few more miles in. I want to keep this fun.
    - that said, I want to hit one of Strava's monthly distance challenges again. The 1,250km in June absolutely kicked my ass, but definitely made me stronger, so I think I'll go for that again.
    - Run 100 miles. My goal last year was 50, and I did 54, so basically I want to double it.
    - do a 20 mile ride at a 20mph or higher average. I've done this at century distance, but as part of a paceline for a good chunk of it, and I think it's harder to do on shorter distances, paradoxically. I'll have to start and finish outside of Boston, though, because all the traffic lights here absolutely kill your pace, lol.
    - finish the 180km D2R2 dirt road ride. This is semi-contingent on my brother, since we're riding it together and I'm not going to go for the full 180 unless he thinks he's ready for it too (and, while he is a monster cyclist, he's also a new father so most of his rides are in the fast 20-40 mile range, so a dirt road century is going to take some distance training for him). It'll be a brutal ride, and I think we're both going to drop down to the 115 in future years (which is still a HARD ride,), but I want to check that box once.
    - Ride the B2VT, the old Harpoon B2B event.
    - drop about another 8-10 pounds. I'm now in the mid 180s, and I'd like to get down to the mid-170s, where I was back in high school as a competitive XC skier. Going much below that would take a lot of changes I don't want to make, and I'm not entirely sure it would be al that healthy for me, as it was a pretty good "fit" weight.
    - continue to stay injury free.
    "They can kill you, but the legalities of eating you are a bit dicier." - David Foster Wallace

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markus View Post
    5 k under 20 minutes (current record 20:34)
    That is haulin'... good job.

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    -Bike 1500 miles, combination of road/MTB/fattie (that was my same goal for 2016 but I didn't make it).
    -I'm signed up for two fat bike races, so my goal is to actually do them and finish.
    -See if there are any road-bike races in my area and do that.
    -I think my longest road bike ride was 30 miles. I'd like to do 50 miles in one trip.
    -More upper body strength. For most of my life my upper body was stronger than my lower. With my biking I've been getting stronger legs but ignoring the upper body.
    -Actually complete the ENTIRE local MTB trail (including the parts that I skip because they scare me).
    -Get stronger on hill climbing w/the road bike.

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