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    Question about goggles

    I have a question about goggles for winter fat biking. Or better yet, eyewear for winter riding.

    Year-round I've been using the Tifosi glasses that were recommended by Chris, well, probably a couple of years ago. They work great UNLESS I wear a facemask/balaclava/whatever it is - one of those head protectors that only has a cutout for your eyes or, if you stretch it more, will expose your entire face.

    So when I wear these glasses in the cold and I'm wearing that balaclava, completely covering my nose and mouth, my exhale breath rises up into the glasses and fogs them up completely. So I either have to take the glasses off OR pull the balaclava off of my nose (but still covering my mouth). That kind of defeats the purpose of wearing that, since my nose can get cold then.

    However, it DOES work if I force myself to exhale hard and straight forward. Meaning I actually have to think about breathing, rather than just doing it. With that hard exhale my breath goes forward, not up along the inside of the balaclava.

    So does anybody wear goggles when fat biking in the winter? If so, what brand/model do you use? Are they tinted so they also act as sunglasses?

    If goggles aren't the answer, what do you do to prevent fogging of glasses? A different type of face covering?

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    I know some people that use skiing goggles. For me at least they'd have to be untinted, because it's dark in the morning when I cycle to work and it's dark when I finish work.
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    I just wear regular glasses. Goggles fog up way too much when you're sweating a ton.

    I don't wear a balaclava either. I've tried a bunch of them but they just end up as booger collectors.

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