Newbie with a new Baritone
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Thread: Newbie with a new Baritone

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    Newbie with a new Baritone

    Happy 2020

    Average player, mostly accoustic and six string standard guitars.

    However, I wasn't satisfied with having to drop tune to acheive a deeper, darker sound and it was a pain in the ass for me to retune, or re-adjust the setup. After a couple of years contemplating what to do, I decided to treat myself to a christmas present, so I purchased a new Schecter Apocalypse Baritone and a BOSS Katana Mark II, 2x12, 100amp. My decision to go with the Schecter was blind, however, I've read they make a quality guitar for metal.

    Anyway, I am hoping to discover other baritone players here, or articles, information, etc, that can help with this journey... it's really a different animal at first, but I've watched a few videos of guys bringing it big on that guitar.
    Looking forward to any comments, suggestions, help, etc.
    In advance, thank you kindly

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    I've got nothing on baritones... one of my bands tunes to Drop B, and I use 9 gauge strings on a 24.75" scale guitar

    However, that Schecter is a solid choice. The whole C1 line is pretty amazing!

    I've only ever heard good things about the Boss Katanas, too

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    I used to have a Schecter 8 string guitar and it was pretty nice, though it was only a 26.5" scale. My main guitar now is a 27" scale 7 string, and I used to have another 27" scale 7 string, so I definitely love baritones, but you can easily tune to B or even lower in 24.75" and 25.5" scales. I've tuned down to A on 25.5"s plenty of times before, but B was pretty much the lowest I could get on 24.75" and still sound good (though I've heard some bands that got even lower than B on 24.75" and sounded pretty good). But yeah, baritones are nifty. I actually made a video about ten years ago to troll Chris (the administrator/adminishredder here) where I tuned down to G with a 59 gauge string and still got it to sound good, but the lower you go, the tougher it gets, especially with shorter scales. I personally just love the piano-like tones you get with clean sounds on baritones and more sharper, clear definition of the distorted sounds.


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    No experience with Baritones here either, but I hope you enjoy yours.

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    A baritone 6 was my gateway to 7s. The lower register is just more satisfying sometimes. Enjoy!
    "40 is the new 80." - jaxadam

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    Welcome! Love me some baritone 3 baritone 6 strings so far, 27" Snakebyte, 28" Ibanez RGIB6, and a 30" BC Rich Bich, and got a couple more on my radar as $$ allows.

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