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    Old metalhead here...

    Old metalhead here. Started playing in the thrash/hardcore scene in the early 80's in the SF Bay Area (Oakland side). I like taking pictures of the guitars that pass through my doors.

    Bought my first 'metal' guitar at Guitar Center in Oakland in '84. She's ben modded a few times over the years, and wore to the finish in places, but I still love to pick'r up and plug'r in.

    Here's what she looked like in '84... at least the strap hasn't changed.

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    hmmm... pics didn't show up.

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    It might be one of those "new member" things. Not sure how to get around it

    If you're still in Oakland, I'm just South of you in San Jose . But, only been here since 2017

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    Welcome to the group! Is that Haiden Christensen Shredding on a Striper guitar ?

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    Sweet guitar!

    And, I think most of us are old metalheads... This is like the Virtual Retired Metalheads Home for Wayward Thrashers...
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    Quote Originally Posted by damon67 View Post
    hmmm... pics didn't show up. ??
    You need to use https, not http for embedded pics here.

    The easy way around it is to just upload your pics to imgur. I fixed them for you.

    Welcome! We love bay area thrash around these parts, I think you'll fit right in!

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    Welcome to the forum!
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