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    101 DRUMS! (new endorsement)

    After joining Crystal Viper I decided I wanna treat myself with some luxury... And 101 Drums catched my attention!
    They are swedish drum manufacturer who specializes in snares made of some kind of composite material that is less affected by temperatures n stuff than regular wood.
    I like stuff that think about longevity. After listening to some live clips and talking with the persons behind the brand about what I'm doing I got an endorsement deal right away.

    101 Drums homepage:

    Demo video (full cover with some guys on other instruments later!)

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    All max velocity

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    From their product description, it sounds like their shell materials are simple to Remo's old Acousticon shells.

    From Pearl drummer forum:
    "Acousticon shells... they are formed using wood-pulp and resin... or to use a less romantic vernacular... saw dust and glue.

    But how do they sound? Generally, pretty good. What makes a drum work has little to do with the specific material used in the construction, but rather the roundness, thickness, density, and hardness of the shell...and of course the bearing-edge."

    Acousticon was touted for it's 'weatherproof' properties too. After all, glue, unlike wood, doesn't absorb humidity. And its resonant properties could be fine.

    In a Modern Drummer interview, Vinnie Paul's credited his Far Beyond Driven drum sound to his Acousticon shells.

    The idea of composite shells has always fascinated me - the theory of having a 100% homogeneous material from edge to edge, all around the shell

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    I have no knowledge in that stuff, and I really don't wanna get into it...

    Let's spare some drum forums an unhealthy amount of threads now

    All I like about it... is just like you say, it's more weatherproof. I like that.

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