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Thread: I thought I sucked at drums... until today =O

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    i want to try this with my iron cobras- I just got a pair of their aftermarket super tight high-tension chrome springs. I want to set up heavy beaters, but with a close beater angle. In theory, i should get power, despite the smaller throw, by having increased mass (heavier beater). The I'll get tight spring tension by default (having heavier springs), not having to rely on large the spring stretch you get from having larger beater angles. So, i'll get power, fast return, and because the default beater angle will be smaller, the beater will take it's return swing past 'home position', restretching the spring on the back swing, getting me that larger beater throw, but the restretched spring will change the direction of the beaters for me.

    Another thing, i love to sit low - i get more leg power that way, and when i want, i can still play fast with ankles. But that makes tom positioning a bitch. Sometimes I wish i had 20" kick drums instead of 22" kicks. I could sit lower, drop my toms, plus have that tighter head tension you get from having a smaller diameter drumhead. Drumhead diameters, thicknesses, ply counts.... a whole other set of variables.

    Oh, don't mess with the Gibraltar click pad. It's too massive in weight. The beater hits it, but then it fucks with the behavior of the drum head... sort of not allowing the drumhead to stop and bounce the beater back as effectively. It could be like trying to jump on a trampoline that has a bag of sand on it. The Remo Falams patch will you the most attack without having a plastic or metal clickpad. I've tried them all (aquarian, evans, etc).

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    Dude take it fucking easy

    Writing several long obnoxious posts in a row is MY job on this forum.

    PS: you're not getting anywhere without large size pink comic sans

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    We're all musicians, still searching for our roots.

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    Fuckin drummers lol

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