New Limited Edition Ibanez SR Premium
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Thread: New Limited Edition Ibanez SR Premium

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    New Limited Edition Ibanez SR Premium

    The SR5BBLTD’s ash body is matched with an Atlas-5 five piece wenge and bubinga neck that is reinforced with KTS Titanium rods. The rosewood fretboard holds 24 frets and is inlaid with abalone oval position markers.

    Ibanez fits the SR5BBLTD with a pair of Nordstrand Big Single pickups with wood covers. Its preamp is a EQB-IIISC 3-band EQ with bypass and mid-frequency switches for extra tonal shaping. Hardware includes a mono-rail IV bridge and a Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL nut.

    As with all instruments made in the premium facility, the bass receives a premium fret edge treatment for smoother playing and a more comfortable grip. The Ibanez SR Premium LTD SR5BBLTD is available now with a street price of $2,499
    Ibanez Unveils Limited Edition Buckeye Burl SR Premium Bass

    Kind of cool. A little gaudy for my tastes, but quite interesting for the usually plain SR series. People are going to think that $2500 can get you a lot of bass elsewhere, which isn't wrong, but it doesn't seem outrageous if you don't have a beef with where it's made.

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    Saw pre-orders for those happening on eBay. They're a bit gaudy for me, and I typically love gaudy guitars and basses.

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    This is getting into nitpicking territory, but it's kind of a shame to just use any old piece of burl for the pickup covers, rather than the piece that was cut out of the top. It seems like that's somewhat the point of using the same wood, to maintain a consistency. Using the appropriate bit would take it home. More so if this really is that limited a run.

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    It's weird, I can't decide if I like it or not.
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    I think it looks pretty good, but I do think a plain mahogany bodied SR looks much better.

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    This should sell in the boutique bass market, which is all about heavily figured wood.

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    It does look awesome, but specs aren't that different than a SR1605 for a grand less. For that price, you could a SR5005 or 5006.

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