Finally getting my own guitar space
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Thread: Finally getting my own guitar space

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    Finally getting my own guitar space

    Up until recently me and my family have lived in a trailer that was way to small, so my gear has always got shuffled around depending on where no one else was. Kids are watching cartoons, play in the bedroom, then the wife decides to watch Game of Thrones, well, looks like I'm playing guitar in the bathroom .

    Well, half way through last year we got a bigger place and now that I have some extra money and I talked my wife into letting me buy a desk and have my own little guitar space. I think she just wants all my crap in one place, but I'll take it. :metal I just have a couple things I was wondering about.

    First of all, does anybody have any recommendations for a decent office chair that's pretty comfortable that won't break the bank? Right now the only chairs I have are just tall enough that my guitar tries to slide off my leg if I play sitting down.

    And I would like to get some recording stuff. I already have an interface, so is all I need an SM57 and a mic stand? I've seen a bunch of dudes have monitors, but isn't that more for playing through a POD/Axefx?

    I'm sure there's probably something really obvious that I'm forgetting about, so any other kind of advice would be appreciated.

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    You'll need monitors to listen back to what your playing. If you don't want to drop a lot of cash on them look for some used m audio av40s they are great entry level monitors and will be really cheap used.

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    I can't recommend any specific brand of chair, but I kept looking at Craiglist under Free until I found a few close by. I lucked out and found a warehouse that sold office chairs and went under, the owner of the joint was practically giving them away. I scooped up 2 for $5 in perfect condition, brought them home and removed the left armrests from them.

    As for recording, it really depends on what you plan on doing with your recordings. If you just want to record some noodling/ideas, you can get away with computer speakers, but if you want to start mixing the stuff you're recording, you'll want to score some studio monitors. I got my Yamaha HS-5's for $200 in a pawn shop and I've grown to love them. You won't find that studio monitors sound particularly "good", as they're meant to have a flat frequency response so they don't color what you're working on. But like I said, if you're just recording some riffs for yourself, your regular computer speakers will be fine. I just use a 57 into a Scarlett Solo right into my Macbook, does the job fine!

    Enjoy the new space and freedom!

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    Location: Texas
    ME: Gibson Les Paul
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    I'm most likely just going to buy a regular office chair, I just figured it worth asking in case someone knew about a super comfortable chair made from the skulls of your enemies on Amazon for $20.

    But ya, I'm just looking to record some random stuff and maybe some youtube covers. I'm lazy enough that everything I've recorded so far I just did it in the first take, so I can't see me spending too much time trying to mix it. I'm not trying to be the next Ola/Periphery.

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    You don't *need* monitors - headphones work too. I have an interface and headphones - no issues making demo ideas etc.

    Buy some $50 pair that's comfortable and has decent reviews and you're off.

    Enjoy the space!
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Word. I don't have monitors. At the suggestion of the forum, I picked up a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones and love them. Cover the entire ear, are super comfy, and sound great.

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    I don't know the exact model, but I have a pair of Sennheisers. They're what I used back when all I had was a POD, and they're pretty comfy other than the cushion on the top part came off.

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    I splurged on a chair last year, and went and got one of these. Paid full price, didn't install the armrests, and it's amazing

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