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Thread: Hiring out drum programming?

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    Nice guitar toan!!!
    What you usssing??

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    You using Logic? I've had some decent results using their auto-generated drummers, then dragging and dropping their lines onto a new MIDI track and massaging them afterward.
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    Really liked the guitar tone on this. Those pinch harmonics are freaking great.

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    I could see if my drummer could give it a shot for you.

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    Will check this out in a bit man. I used to do this a lot as part of my production services but not so much these days.
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    Devil's advocate, while this may be more than you want to deal with for the mix, you're getting into the price range where you could probably hire a session drummer with access to his own studio to cut live drums for you. It'd be a lot more work in the mix though.
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    Yeah, for $2k, I could record, edit and mix real drums for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocka_Rollas View Post
    Nice guitar toan!!!
    What you usssing??
    Thanks chief. The mix is shit but it's pretty old. It's all Axe-Fx.

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