In this thread you tell me which cab impulses to get.
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Thread: In this thread you tell me which cab impulses to get.

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    In this thread you tell me which cab impulses to get.

    So yeah, I want some impulses. Don't know which ones to get.

    So, enlighten me, as I don't have the patience to listen through tons and tons of different ones, just want a few that work and sound awesome.

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    I'm also interested in this.

    I tried a bunch of free ones (they were from a pack that included Redwirez etc), but couldn't really get sounds that were better than what I got with the cab sim in my Laney IRT Studio (which is supposed to be crap). One problem was that there were about half a million of them in that pack so in the end ear fatigue set in before I really got anywhere.
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    I recommend the Celestion IRs. Each cab model comes with three mic combinations, all mics together, individual mics, room mics, different mic placement (high gain/low gain on the mic combinations) and four or five mic placements from bright to dark on the individual mics. When comes time to mix everything down, the different options come in handy.

    They sound great. I've used these on my upcoming album and you can hear some previews on my youtube channel (see my sig).
    I went for 4x12 cabs. I generally go for the G12-65 model but also used the G12T-75, V30 and Creamback. When doubling guitars, If I used the same cab/speaker, I would at a minimum use different mic options.

    Great stuff and affordable.

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    Impulse responses are ripe for option paralysis. Honestly, and not because I'm a cheapskate, 10 years of trying to get decent modeled guitar tones and I haven't found anything that sounds better than the free Redwirez cab (Marshall 1960A w/ G12M-25) and the Ownhammer freebie (Mesa w/ V-30s). I haven't found a sound that can't be covered with one or the other or both, between all the mic and placement options. I still use the SM-57 in varying positions for 99% of things.
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    Yeah, I tend to use the SM57/MD421 or SM57/Royer121 mic combos for 90% of my recordings with the Celestion IRs. There are some exceptions. It depends on the mix.

    If you do go on my youtube channel to listen to the tones, the guitars on those all went through a plain 'ol JCM800 2204 from 1983, no mods, no pedals on the rhythm tones. Almost no post EQ, just a bit of delay added. I may have used a 1987 Jubilee on some tracks but not on the rhythm. I'd have to check my notes.

    BTW, I have real cabs loaded with G12-65, G12T-75, G12-Century, G12H-Anniversary, G12M-25 UK Greenback, G12M Blackbacks from the 70's, G12H-Creamback so I have quite a few real cabs to compare with.
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    Look into the Sperimental impulse pack. I have a bunch of them, but I always come back to that pack. The Engl ones especially are great. They're free too.
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    I grabbed the OwnHammer "Heavy Hitters Vol 1" pack, and have been so insanely happy with my tones from their shortlist "A1 Picks" folder that I've not yet delved into all the specific impulses that came with it

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    I'll send you a load on FB when I get 5 bruv

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