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Thread: Archetype Plini from Neural DSP

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    Our system is called "Self Help Internet Luthiery Logistics", or "S.H.I.L.L." for short.

    Don't you want to join us other S.H.I.L.L. team members?

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    Engage is on a whole tier above Mehtab, IMO. Latter has done some shady stuff here and there and at least for a while was a very active flipper who owned a DSLR and wasn't afraid to use it, but I don't recall him ever straight-up lying about condition or prior ownership of guitars, or misrepresenting what something actually was. I wouldn't rule out buying something from Mehtab in the unlikely instance he was selling something I was actually interested in, but anything tied to Engage's name would be enough to make me steer clear.
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    At the end of the day, the Neural stuff sounds amazing and is easy to use and that is all I really care about when choosing anything music related.

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