Archetype Plini from Neural DSP
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Thread: Archetype Plini from Neural DSP

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    Archetype Plini from Neural DSP

    Kinda "old news" but, having tried the NATAS one and even thinking it sounds great but the price of one single Amp VST put me off buying it since it's more than I'm willing to pay for a one trick pony VST.

    Anyway, yesterday browsing for Demos of the new Fractal Unit I went to Leon Todd channel (he does amazing sounds with the Fractal units and shows it) and noticed he had a demo/play through of the new Plini VST.

    Him not being a Djenter or super High gain guy I was more interested the tones he would got of it instead of all that Ear Piercing stuff that nowadays plagues YT (sorry I'm old)

    Got really impressed with the tones he got out of it and its basically 3 Amps (Clean/Crunch/High Gain) so I decided to give the demo a try. Whoaaaaa this sounds GOOD!!!! There is that Grit Crunch that is present on the other VSTs but the all amps sound really really good. Wished it had a Chorus pedal but oh well.

    Give a try guys, im now really considering in buying it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plini
    I use Fractal exclusively. Well, until the flavor of the week plugin company throws money at me!

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    Name just rolls off your tongue
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    The neural stuff really is great, having some effects included in this one is a nice bonus. I'd probably be more likely to stick with the nameless or natas models though as I'm more into those tones

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    I use the Nameless plug-in for tracking, it's so ultra-clear it allows you to dial right into the quality of what you are playing and work on eliminating stuff like handling noise. It's great for a very niche tone which may or may not be relevant to a project, but for tracking quality it can't be beaten.

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    The impression I get is that Neural DSP aren't developers, they are licensers backed by some stupid Djent VC crew attempting to cash in on the djent craze.

    They have four products, and every one is licensed.

    The whole point of Digital Signal processing is that since code is infinitely flexible, and there is no such thing as "name brand code", since it's all just 1s and 0s, you can offer all this awesome stuff without the snooty culture of "this is name brand/hot right now" in physical amp products.

    Neural DSP doesn't have any standalone "Neural DSP" products. They have four products, that are all licensed versions of a trendy physical object.

    I'll bet that the Mehtab venture capitalism firm is involved somewhere here.

    Wouldn't be surprised if these weren't even modeled after the physical products, might have just made some generic vsts and slapped branding on them.

    I'm not buying a VST if 70%+ of that VSTs cost is there because they licensed a trendy name and slapped it on there.

    It doesn't inspire confidence when you look at their "artists" section. They are a relatively new brand, and they have all the "hip" artists on there. That doesn't mean they are really good, that just means they sent all those people free plugins and asked if they could use their picture on their site.

    They are also "hiring" for a shit ton of positions. Many of the smaller vst brands are just one dude. Even highly regarded ones. That is a shit ton of positions for a company that only offers four VSTs, all of them generic things with brand names slapped on them.

    These guys have been around for about a year (all of their social media pages were created in Feb 2018), they don't have any super complex plugins, mostly just generic sims with slick UIs, and they want all these positions?

    Come on. These guys paid for someone to do their website. Unless it's a huge company like Waves or Toontrack or UAD, the same guy coding the VSTs does the website. I'm not giving $100+ to a startup pedaling products that get 70%+ of their value from licensing a name that clearly hasn't even broken even yet.

    They're also partnering with ilok, which needless to say, costs money. Do you know how many start up VST makers partner with ilok?

    The only thing that would make these guys less legit is if I went to buy one of their plugins and they offered Affirm backed financing. These guys aren't trying to sell cutting edge VSTs they designed, this is 100% an attempt to cash in on a highly impressionable audience prone to suggestion.

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    I also love how Fortin announced they were partnering with them with, "For years now I've felt that VSTs don't capture the real feeling of amps......UNTIL THIS VST THAT WE COINCIDENTALLY MAKE MONEY OFF OF CAME ALONG".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    djent craze
    Which is what, like 15 years old by now? That's gotta be a record.

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