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Thanks for the responses guys. I'm familiar with the technique but never get to mess. The engineers that trained me are very big on committing to "tape"/DAW.
For guitars I'm in the same mindset. I'm always going to do a certain amount of EQ in the mix... but I also have a pretty good idea how I want my guitars to sound solo'd to get them to work in the mix, and there are certain EQ tweaks that I'm ALWAYS going to make to guitars, so I'd rather just get 90-95% of the way there between amp setting, mic choice and position, and EQ on the way in, and then get the last 5% of the way with plugins.

Can't comment on the Fredman technique, but for electric guitars I virtually always use a SM57 and a MD421 when tracking anything I care about, setting the 57 first and then positioning the 421 to be in phase and compliment it, and track them both separately and then blend to taste in the mix. I'd commit to a blend while tracking if I could but I'd need some way to sub-mix the two tracks, which I don't really.