Playing/Recording with BIAS FX 2
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Thread: Playing/Recording with BIAS FX 2

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    Playing/Recording with BIAS FX 2

    So, I've been looking into a digital effects suite for a while now, as I've been playing for more than a few years and am starting to get into trying to dial in on certain tones, but unfortunately I also can't afford to buy a plethora of pedals.

    I'm looking into purchasing BIAS FX 2, and I've played around with the demo version for a bit, and so far I am enticed. However, I've been having trouble dialing down the delay to near-zero with the settings. Currently I'm using a simple 1/4" to 1/8" adapter jack, and the quality is fine, however there seems to be an additional delay on top of the ~25ms delay when using the lowest sampling rate I can get without audio artifacting/tearing. I also tried borrowing a 1/4" to USB cable from a friend, and had the same problem.

    I guess I'm looking for either software assistance to further minimize delay - whether in deeper settings I may not have touched, or via different audio drivers, or a budget option for better hardware that can help minimize my delay while maintaining high quality audio.
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    Welcome but you posted on the wrong part of the forum

    Before buying BIAS do tests on other software's. Personally I cant stand BIAS and pretty much prefer Overloud THU

    That described extra "delay" seems to be what is know as Latency, you will always have some but it if you have a decent Machine you should barely or not even notice it. USB cables have nothing to do with it, its just the power of your Computer and the Audio Interface.

    What Interface are you using? What settings?

    I have an i7 6 year old Laptop and I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo (1st Gen) and my settings are 44.1Khz and 32 samples This in Reaper, if I'm using THU as a Standalone instead of the VST I can go 16 samples.

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    I used to like BIAS, but lately I just find everything to sound too much the same. It's basically the same amp that they change stuff around on with shitty presets.

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