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Your 6 FX is nothing <img src="https://www.metalguitarist.org/forum/images/smilies/rofl.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Rofl" class="inlineimg" />

Do you not know about the "subproject" feature? That's there specifically so you can Render/Freeze tracks and you don't waste unnecessary horsepower on applying FX to the drums in real time when the part you are working on is the guitars. 6 FX is for the "master" section. Each part is its own subproject.

That was a great addition, of course you can accomplish the same thing by rendering and freezing, but the subproject functionality is fantastic once you start using it.

Running the instances of FX on parts in real time when you aren't actually working on that part is pointless. You should be rendering/freezing those down to stems or use the subproject method of rendering/freezing.
wow thats pretty cool! I never knew about the subproject feature. Is there a difference with that and just turning the fx off? Of course I do not run everything when working on specific instruments, when I am listening to the full mix I do. I do render the individual tracks when I am happy. Then master