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Thread: Incredible guides to mixing metal - MUST READ

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    thanks! but this....this doesn't make any sense to me @[email protected]

    "You simply bring up your overhead tracks, and zoom right in until you can see the transient hit of whichever drum you're correcting. Now pull up the close-mic track of that drum, and nudge it back in time until it roughly aligns with the overheads. Note, this won't be perfect, because nothing is perfectly in phase with drums - but simply getting it closer should give you a larger sound. Repeat this for all your drums, and you should find a sound that is immediately more deep and dimensional, and creates a much better starting point for you in the mix."

    Especially in SD2 @[email protected]

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    Wow, I definitely need to get this book O_o.
    I am from Ukraine and a lot of interesting stuff comes to us with delay. But here is the thing, even after being born in USSR some people here really do a good job. I understand that the level of understanding in Europe and US is much higher, thus, I wanted to ask you to tell your thoughts, whether mixes of this sound engineer are good according to "western" understanding or not:

    MUSIC | Yury Kurgan| Sound Producer

    Is it worth to use such local studio services or not?

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    To me, it sounds good enough not to be labeled "bad". I can't really comment beyond that, though.
    If you have little choice and it's affordable, definitely seems to be acceptable and possibly more than that.

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