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Thread: Post pictures of your setup(big or small)

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    Join Date: Aug 2016
    Location: Los Angeles, CA.
    ME: RG 7420
    MA: Fylde
    Rig: JSX and XXX Halfstacks

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    Location: wickford
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    Quote Originally Posted by maggotspawn View Post
    Gsp bro's!

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    Rig: Imac/Apollo

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    I can finally add to this thread. Ive made some upgrade this year coming from a macbook pro and headphones
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Post pictures of your setup(big or small)-14520544_1618287135138717_642487538730845629_n-jpg   Post pictures of your setup(big or small)-img_20161023_205842-jpg  

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    Join Date: Feb 2012
    Location: Calgary

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    Moved things around a bit. Switching from Ultimate Isolation monitor stands to Isoacoustics desk mounts freed up a ton of floor space, but unfortunately there seems to have been a bit of a hit to audio quality. The room is so small and square I might have just moved from a mode to a null. Not a great space for recording, but it's the best I can do until I reno the basement.

    Adam A5s, Fireface UC, Axe FX 2 (of course), i7-4770k running Cubase Pro 8.5, Suhr, Parker, Ormsby, Jackson, Ibanez. Blackstar HT40 tube combo for some louder jamming. Big amps in the basement..

    Unfortunately, the most important part of my setup got cropped out. That'd be this guy here... David fuckin Bowie

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    Join Date: Feb 2017
    Location: Birmingham, AL
    ME: Lots
    Rig: Revv Generator 100 w/ 11R

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    Here's my humble setup. Custom built PC running Windows 10 and Reaper. Using the Eleven Rack in the road case to the left as the primary interface. A set of Presonus monitors and sub. All in all, it works great for what I've put into it.

    The guitars are lined up on the wall behind where the other picture is taken from.
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    Join Date: Dec 2013
    Location: Everett, Washington
    ME: Ibanez 540P
    MA: Ovation Celebrity CS257
    MB: Ibanez SRX2EX1
    Rig: BIAS FX

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    Not really a record setup, per se, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I wanted to make my guitars more accessible and I saw a photo in a Reverb listing that showed a bunch of guitars hanging off of some old barnwood beam which looked cool (and fits in with my girlfriend's decorating style. Eventually decided on using a "living edge" piece of wood attached to a 2x6, which is then mounted to the wall studs. From there, I just bought a bunch of wall hangers from Guitar Center and then mounted them. The living edge piece of wood was about $70 for a 10' long piece of Blue Pine 1" thick from a local reclaimed building materials store ( though you should be able to find this stuff on Craigslist as well).

    To hide the underlying 2x6, I cut a 1 1/2" wide piece from the living edge stock and I'll attach it to the end that's visible. This is just mocked in place:

    The empty space is for a new guitar I got last week that's currently in the shop. More on that once I get it back..
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    Join Date: Jan 2017
    Location: TN
    ME: Chapman ML-1
    MB: Washburn Taurus 5-String
    Rig: One with Glowing Tubes

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    Apocalypse Studios

    Here are a few pics of my home recording & mastering studio rebuild. 17" HP laptop with AMD A10 quad core & Windows 10. Cubase 9 DAW & WaveLab for mastering. Slate Everything Bundle plug-ins, Toontrack EZMix & EZDrummer, & Amplitube 4. Focusrite Scarlett interface, Novation miniKey, Mackie 1202, Yorkville Nearfield Monitors, Rane Mojo headphone distribution amp, on a Z-Line Black glass desk. Guitar amps & mics not shown.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Post pictures of your setup(big or small)-image-jpg   Post pictures of your setup(big or small)-image-jpg   Post pictures of your setup(big or small)-image-jpg   Post pictures of your setup(big or small)-image-jpg  

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    Location: Kansas
    ME: Gibson Explorer
    MA: Alvarez P.O.S.
    MB: SR1305PD
    Rig: Mesa Boogie

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    Necrobump lol!

    While I haven't been active doesn't mean I haven't accomplished anything lol! The house we bought a few years ago has a full, unfinished basement so I figured what the hell, the kids are grown and out of the house I'll build a studio/jam room in the there. What I ended up with is a 15x30 room for letting it rip. For recording I'm using my old gaming rig since I have a different pc for that. The interface is a Presonus Studio 2/6, Reaper with some plugins for rough tracking and ideas and I just got EZdrummer 2 a couple weeks ago so I'm trying to learn that. I run that into JBL LSR305's and a Presonus Temblor T10. I've got a ways to go, but I'm having a blast!

    I'm no photographer, but I was screwing around with the panoramic setting on my iphone so here's a couple pics of my man cave, lol!
    Post pictures of your setup(big or small)-image_123986672-jpg
    Post pictures of your setup(big or small)-image_123986672-1-jpg

    1 valuable lesson I learned during this project: I hate putting up drywall and every aspect of it, lol!

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