Whats up my dudes?? I recently decided to get the ML Djent Pack because im a sucker for 4x12 mesa cabs and had to have it. I also have 13 and 7 and I really wanted to hear the difference between all 3 so I did a shoot out! I used my default mark IV patch with all 3 and the only thing I changed was the IR to each set. So each set is using the SM57-MD421 02 IR from each alloy set. For the djent pack I used the AB IR, which was the 2nd IR in the SM57-MD421 set. I used no post eq at all, only a limiter on my masterbus to stop clipping. Which one do you guys like best?

Preset is on axechange: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Lucas BlackMesa - by LucasLeCompte