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Thread: MG.ORG song, cover and lead challenge season 1, week 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev Drucifer View Post

    Started working on vocals yesterday then my wife tempted me with alcoholic beverages and we spent the rest of the night drinking like we used to when we first got together. Hangover today prevented any additional work from being done.
    Holee Gojira Batman! Good stuff.

    It's so cool that so many of us are submitting this time around - a seriously great bunch of new tunes to listen too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scole View Post
    The ending is sooooo cool! Great work with the pitch shifter and I love that funky breakdown about 2/3rd of the way through. Also liked how the double track splits pan during the harmony lines but comes back together for the main rhythms.
    Itís actually just two guitar tracks panned hard left/right the whole tune. I didnít fuck with any automation or panning after setting up the initial tracks. In that bridge section with the harmony parts Iím just playing the lower octaves on one side and on the other track Iím playing them a 4th up. It sounds cooler than it actually is. All the pitch shifting is the Classic Whammy in the AxeFX set to 2 Oct+. Amp is FAS Modern, which is Fractalís own hi-gain amp model.

    I still want to finish the vocals for that while writing this weekís tune. Been listening to a lot of A Perfect Circle/Ashes Divide/Puscifer lately and want to take a slight departure from from just doing chugga chugga stuff.

    Now that Iím not hungover Iím going through and listening to all the submissions as a way of re-starting my day. Got a call from the fire dept as soon as I woke up today as one of my buildings had an alarm going off, turns out our chiller shit the bed and sprung a Freon leak, so I can use some killer music to hit my reset switch.
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    nopthing from me this week, will put up week 3 thread an law track a bit later today. Good work everybody!

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