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Thread: MG.ORG song, cover and lead challenge season 1, week 8 - Frenzy Edition!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scole View Post
    I fell off the earth the last 3 weeks with a combination of writer's block and an outside commitment that took up my time. Great to see some new blood in the mix this time around, tho!
    Yeah, I was sort of burned out with writing halfway through - figured I'd just post a bunch of covers after that. It was good to learn some covers though, "Face of Melinda" especially was a little out of my comfort zone when it comes to playing and really forced me to practice, while when writing songs I find I seldom write anything that I need to practice to be able to play.
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    8 weeks is really tough, i only managed one

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    I, too, was burnt out, and also happened to be quite busy with work and school for the last few weeks.

    Congrats to Budda!

    Thanks again to everyone who donated a backing track, and special thanks to 7DT for managing the whole thing

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    Great job folks and congrats Budda. Really put the pedal to the floor at the end there Thanks 7DT and everyone that provided backing tracks.

    I made the mistake of trying to do a cover a few weeks ago and it was a miserable amount of work and not a result I wanted after I put 4 hours into it. Couldn't get up the excitement to even open the thread or my recording computer after that. Gonna use it as a learning experience for next time.
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    Congrats Budda - great work!

    And thanks to everyone who contributed - definitely a lot of super-cool listening material this season.
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    I like to think I got a bit better at recording as it went on. I'm now trying to mix my own material for release, so thanks for the push to play consistently!
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