MG.ORG song, cover and lead challenge season 2, week 1
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Thread: MG.ORG song, cover and lead challenge season 2, week 1

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    MG.ORG song, cover and lead challenge season 2, week 1

    So, here we are, week 1 of the something for everyone challenge. Xmas has indeed come early, and seeing as we're all trapped indoors anyways at the moment...

    This was born out of some people liking doing covers, whilst others like writing songs, with a combination of a few people just not having enough time to do full songs (hence the lead a week). Do one, 2 or all 3. Also, it means I only have to track one of these per week.

    Rules are simple, do 1-3 things every week, Post your creations in the weekly thread as soundcloud/youtube links. I'm aiming to get various contributions for backing tracks, each one will be credited to the author. As it's the first week I'm doing a dropbox download, but we should get some dedicated hosting or something like that courtesy of chris.

    The deadline for this week is end of play, Sunday 29th November

    Short rules:
    - You have until sunday midnight/monday morning to post your submission
    - Either do an original song, a cover/medley or a lead over the provided backing track per week.
    - Submissions must be stuff you've done this week, no matter how awesome an old track/recording is
    - 10 points for each submission, per category.
    - submissions as souncloud or youtube links. Well, as long as it is playable from a post in the thread really.
    - You can do multiple entries per category, but only the first one will score points.
    - no eliminations, do your stuff as and when you can
    - leads can be layer, melodies, you can chop and rearrange the track, whatever floats your boat really
    - Don't be a dick to other people. You can go to for that.
    - Don't steal other peoples songs
    - Don't steal backing tracks or pass it off as your own, give credit where it's due if you want to share your awesome yngwie malmsteen unleash the fjokking fjury face melting solo.

    LAW Track:

    This weeks LAW track is courtesy of Buddha

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    Bummer - my whole set up is packed away 'cause we're moving soon. Well, at least I can enjoy all the cool stuff everyone else creates this season. I did write a new one in under a week just before I packed everything up - maybe I'll submit that and get negative points for breaking the law.
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    Cool. I have some new toys to try out - got Jamstix to hopefully make the drum programming a bit less tedious, and then I also got Archetype:Plini, i.e. I'm fully equipped for posting djent-mixtests!

    I actually have no idea who Plini is or what his music sounds like, so I'm not sure if his stuff is supposed to djent or not.
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    I have an infant and 50hr weeks, bear with me this season haha. That said I will do my best!
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    Think I'll join the action this time around.

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    I am in

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    Just cause I don't want to feel left out.

    And, cause I like storytime.

    Here's the tale:

    When Moose died last month, as many of you know I inherited his bass. His daughter, Jamie, is a pretty incredible singer and he always wanted she and I to do vocals on a song together. He got the bass 'cause I wanted him to join one of my old bands back in the 90s. During the week of his funeral, I got the idea to do an EP with Jamie, Mike Bossier (Snipers of Babel), Chris Yuestella (Abominog), Pete Reid (Abominog/Tranquil Terror) and release it on Bandcamp for $5 (or whatever donation people want to give) with all the proceeds going to his memorial fund for his family.

    So, this song was written with his bass and will appear on that aforementioned EP, that should drop early next year. Bossier is going to mix & master it at Oblivion Studios, and we're hoping to get it promoted all over to help his widow and grandkids who live with them out financially.

    All that to say, I wrote/recorded it in a week, just not this week. The studio we built in his basement back in the 90s was called "Sound Wizard Studios" and he was dubbed "The Sound Wizard" hence the title...

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