ZEDI FORDER are looking for a preferably 7-string (Drop-A tuning) GUITAR player to complete the power trio. (Guitar, Bassist & Drummer come lead vocals). This is a great opportunity for a talented player who wants to be part of a cool & original band with definable stand out music within the Heavy rock/Alternative metal genre.
We rehearse in Woking, Surrey, UK.

We’re looking for a laid back but dedicated & confident quick learner who is willing to practice 1-2 times a week and at home to get everything nice and tight. We’re after someone who is ambitious and is able to prioritise the band and work with us to push the project forward including securing & playing local gigs, mini tours (that work around day jobs), recording, on & offline promotion, making friends and influencing people. The underline ambition of the band is serious but essentially it comes down to having a blast playing cool music!
We’re looking for peeps of similar age range – mid to late twenties, early to mid-thirties, male or female with decent equipment.

Please check us out on facebook and hit us up via there (email listed) if you're interested,