Greetings fellow humans!

My name is Daniel Buxton and I am the lead vocalist for Soma Dark. We are based in Manchester. Age of the members is 28-35. We all like Pizza. (I like pizza)

Our previous bassist found that he could not commit enough time to the band anymore given his career and responsibilities so we had a mutual farewell, a beer, a cry and that brings me to this point in time.

Here is a link to our latest single:

We are looking for someone who owns and owns (ha!) a 5 string bass guitar and would like to play in both G and C tunings. We are a highly capable bunch with top notch equipment. The guitarists each own a full Engl stack which I must say, sound brutal. Decimators, wireless systems, pedals, full pearl drum kit: We are ready to start gigging again as soon as . We had normally been playing 2 - 3 shows a month when we were still active. Our last show was in the BOTB Finals for the bloodstock Metal to the Masses competition. Unfortunately we lost out by a hair, but to be honest, perhaps that was for the best considering what followed!!

We have our second album nearing completion, it essentially just needs mastering. If you like what you hear above and want more, I have an isolated bass stem, bass tab and full taster of one of the new songs for you to have a play with!

Just for ease of reference

Band: Soma Dark (Soma Dark)
Genre: Groove Metal (mid tempo, melodic)
Influences: Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Fear Factory, Disturbed
Members: 4. 2 guitars w/ backing vocals, drums and lead vocals (and 5 members with possibly you )
Transport: 2/4 members drive.
Finance: We put £40 a month each into a pot for band operational costs. This covers rehearsals, van hire, merch, repairs etc.
Gear: Professional/Upper Tier
Rehearsal Time: Thursday Evening 7:30pm - 10:30pm @ Noiseboy Studios in Salford, Manchester.

If you find yourself still interested after all of that, why not drop me a message.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Dan x