Subaru Outback Project
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Thread: Subaru Outback Project

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    Subaru Outback Project

    I'm sure many have seen this on Facebook, but for everyone else, might as well post this here.

    I picked up this 98 Subaru Outback for $650. It's got 209k on the chassis and a blown head gasket, but is in otherwise fantastic shape. I'm on my third day of working on it and nearly ready to replace both head gaskets.

    You'll notice the tow bar on the front. The previous owner (the second owner) bought the car with 150-160k on the odometer from a guy who towed it around on the back of an RV. The odometer and speedometer are mechanical on this car, so when the car is moving, it's racking up miles... So much of the first 150k of this cars' life was spent being pulled. This really showed when I got to the camshafts, as they look absolutely fantastic, even have some of the factory machining marks on the lobes still.


    Work done so far on the engine:

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    I love me a good project car thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    I love me a good project car thread.

    I went into this with the intention of fixing and flipping, so maybe I'll have more of these in the future. I pretty much only work on this for a couple of hours a night, so far have 2 evenings and 1 morning worth of work into it. I really enjoy doing this kind of stuff. This is totally inspired by Wheeler Dealers btw

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    I saw a few of these when I was shopping for my last car (5 years ago). They were going for $5k ~ $8k. I can't imagine you'll spend a quarter of that fixing it up!

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    If you paid $650, it's in the condition it's in, and you've got some experience fixing things up, you're sitting on a pile of gold.

    I had a buddy make a killing flipping cars like this, and he actually had a good time putting in the time and effort, so I think you'll have a fun project on your hands.

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    These cars are tuff as nails, also if you have a straight edge long enough you should check the deck surface of the block and the head surface to see if they are warped.
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    Dang man, that interior is minty fresh

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    Heheh… didn't you get rid of the Pathfinder because it was becoming "too much of a project car"?

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