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    Hey, congrats on the reproduction, man! First I've noticed, I've not been on here quite as consistently of late.

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    Nice man, you know I never realized you lived in a neighbourhood when you first posted pics of your place it didn't show any other houses I don't know why I didn't think it was, but it's kind of funny.

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    Noice!!! How many websites did that one cost

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    Since everyone else is posting BMW performance mods...

    I added some high performance roof rails! And a speed-enhancing ski rack! And some totally supersport State Park License Plates!

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    Show us your skis!
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    Show us your skis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    I was going to say it first but he practically tee'd it up for the next guy.

    That's not a very nice thing for you guys to say about 7 Dying James. :7dt:

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