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  1. Guitar: Tech, Electronics and DIY
    I've already found a few resources and it's very straight forward. You essentially just wire an old cry baby pot to a TRS jack and call it a day. Unfortunately, none of them explain how to wire the switch to toggle the wah on/off like the Mission pedals. I know it needs to be a momentary switch...
  2. Music: Recording Studio
    Survivor - Eye of the Tiger cover - RG2228, AFX, S2, SSD2 MIX TEST!!"""!"11! YEAH! RG2888GK MIX TEST, BABY!! Sort of actually is. I did record the rhythms with the RG2228, and it was a bit of an experiment in mixing. I installed SSD again (not had it on my new computer until last night), and...
  3. Music: Recording Studio
    Pasted from the fractal forum because I'm a lazy bastard :flex: Hey guys, I'm hard at work putting together a high gain showcase with the latest firmware for you and I thought of putting up a small snippet of what's coming. I'm still working on a few presets, trying to get them where I want and...
  4. Music: Recording Studio
    At the moment my AFX is going into my soundcard, which feeds my monitors. If I want to record a DI and then re-amp with the AFX, I have to specify it as the soundcard. This means I have to plug my monitors into my AFX to hear anything for both parts of the process. I could use headphones into...
  5. Music: Recording Studio
    I finally found some time to do this using four different amp models. Some of the tones that came out are pretty awesome but as Drew suggested the VH4+Recto blend sounds the best to my ears. I only wish I could make the video half as good as the audio :lol: Edit: I edited my presets a bit and...
  6. Music: Recording Studio
    Hey everybody! So I was trying to come up with a lead patch that has that sharp attack on the bridge pickup without being icepicky, but can still have that smooth bubbly feel on the neck pickup. I went with the Corncob amp, because it has a good amount of definition and attack when used in a...
  7. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Naturally, I think this is a pretty cool idea. AxePad - iPad controller for Axe-FX is launched! Maybe a little pricey at $11.99, but I imagine it could really come into handy if you're away from your computer and don't feel like carrying a laptop.
  8. Music: Recording Studio
    Hey everyone, This still isn't phenomenal, too compressed, but I think I am learning. Anyway, here is a new mix I did for our song, Attrition System. The tracks were also all DI in parallel, so they will be used for our EP, which is going into the mixing and mastering stage (not by me thank...
  9. Music: Recording Studio Drums are a little off from my actual alt-picking, but here 'tis.
  10. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Fully aware I think this has been posted before, but his patch settings are in the vid too ;) Here's his settings;
  11. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Well this fucking SUCKS! :noway: :( I placed my order on September 15th. It's been one and a half month now and they still haven't given me a firm delivery date. I am really disappointed and my excitement is wearing down. It feels like I'm never gonna have it and when I finally do I won't...
  12. Music: Recording Studio
    Oblig: Boring riffing, just screwing around with the Powerball model. Alt-picking isn't nearly as tight as I'd go for on a "real" recording. Thoughts? I'm on the fence. Gobs and gobs of gain on this one. :lol:
  13. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Obligatory note, everyone knows that my digital camera blows. When Drew makes videos, he actually takes the initiative to record a second audio track with a mic so that it sounds good - I'm not that ambitious. :lol: Copy paste of my YT comments:
  14. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    that slightly compressed half heavy half clean crunch sound. :agreed: I've never heard a modeler, software, or solid state pre that could do it, so I was fiddling with the AFX today and think I got it. Noodles I think you'll like this. Then again, maybe not :lol...
1-14 of 14 Results