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    Yes... I may have a very weird sense of humor, but I was bored, so I threw this song together in about 3-4 hours (wrote and record it). Lyrics by our beloved friends Bioware. Everything else by me.
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    Answer? Fullscreen Splitscreen. How? -3D TV -2 pairs of 3D glasses modified to where one pair has two right lenses and the other pair has two left lenses
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    Dragon Age III Announced by BioWare Staffer
  4. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT All versions. Nice deal. :yesway:
  5. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    Thought this deserved its own thread since the game is so awesome. I'm installing AOE2 right now, gonna check out multiplayer options so we can set up a server or a vpn for lan gaming. Unfortunately it bombed out of wine :lol:
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    If you like sci-fi or metal, or better yet both you owe it to yourself to get this disc (as well as the first album and the live dvds). And yes, Hammonds need to make a comeback in a big way. Heres the teaser...
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    Coooooooool. I've been playing the hell out of DA:O, so hopefully this is equally fun. I know some of you guys weren't too big on DA:O, but I don't think anyone can deny that it's a cool trailer, at least.
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    BioWare | Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age 2 revealed on Game Informer cover, praise Andraste! - Joystiq Sweeeeet! :yesway:
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    Who's played it, and what do you think? I'm about 4 hours in. I can tell the story is going to be awesome, the voice acting is pretty good and overall it has a pretty good vibe. Having a bitch of a time getting into the combat system though. :lol:
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    Just wanted to transfer the discussion of this game from the FS thread... AoE3? I'm still playing AoE2CONQ :lol: Is it better? What's different about it?
  11. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT Basically you can play through the first 20 levels indefinitely, and then decide if you actually want to subscribe. Heard this game was kinda blah, but mostly from MMO hardcores. I'm probably going to check it out. :yesway:
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    Vince, as a fellow XBOX enthusiast and Bioware RPG fan, you need to check this out. Mad fun. :yesway: I put like 11 hours straight into it yesterday. :lol:
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    TV host Ed McMahon is dead at age 86 - Television- :(