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  2. General Music Discussion
    Im not really into Viking Metal but Amon Amarth just fucking ripped at Hellfest and they have a thing that I enjoy in Bands... they sound they same Live as they do on a freaking Record and not just a shallow version of Studio work :metal::metal::metal:
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    Been watching this lately.
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    So this was actually awesome/hilarious. They did this a while ago, but I hadn't listened to the bonus disc of Deceiver of the Gods since I got it, so I just found out about it. These weren't actual covers. They wrote songs in the style of Motorhead, AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Sabbath. The...
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    It's exactly what you'd expect :metal:
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    Ugh. I don't want to have to. Here's my Gibson Explorer 120th Ann. LE model. Weighs a ton, and sounds like its weight. I have it in B a la Amon Amarth. It's in practically new condition, and I'm the first owner. Plastic still on the pickguard. The fretboard binding is baller especially with...
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    I've got 4 tickets to see Amon Amarth tonight and I'm only using two, if anyone on here wants the other two they're yours. Deals in the past with Cameron and Elysian.
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    Wirelessly posted (Shiny New Precious ) Duuuuuudes some of you move to SoCal. I'm super excite. Haven't been to a show in forever
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    :scratch: :rofl: Amon Amarth's Johan Hegg Named New Celebrity Spokesman for Under Armour | MetalSucks PS I saw everyone's favorite vikings for the first time on Tuesday, and if you have the opportunity I highly recommend it. Holy shit they are crushingly heavy live.
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    hi all, check out my new Amon Amarth influenced killer, ripping track, Hunter's Moon Rock on!!! comments on tone, mixing, production all welcome :metal::metal:
  12. General Music Discussion I'm only four songs in and my beard has already sprouted chest hair. :windmill:
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    Amon Amarth - Deceiver of The Gods on Sounds like...well like pretty much every other Amon Amarth song. Good thing that song is FUCKING AWESOME. :windmill:
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    Too lazy to actually link anything, but I saw something on their facebook about Sneap doing it. ITT: The assholes can talk about how every album since FONs has been pretty much the same. Will they do something drastically different on this one? 8 strings? Electronic elements. Non assholes can...
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    If you are interested in having a mini meet up hit me up. Its kind of turning into an epic pre finals event as I have 3-4 friends schlepping down from Bozeman and quite a few coming from Laramie. The more the merrier, as they say! I would love to see some of my fellow'ers as well. :metal:
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    Comes out next Tuesday. Would like it if not for the cookie monster vocal parts. :\
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    listen to it here STREAMING: Amon Amarth "Slaves of Fear" Worldwide Exclusive | Decibel Magazine :metal::metal:
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    I have to say this is one of the coolest pre-order packages options i've ever seen. AMON AMARTH | Surtur Rising | North America Pre-Order
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  20. General Music Discussion
    post me some good songs please...