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  1. General Music Discussion
    Duuuuuuuude....WTF? :lol:
  2. General Music Discussion
    Probably the most stupidly over the top song I have ever heard. THE FURY IS REAL Also, holy fuck is that an album cover.
  3. General Music Discussion
  4. General Music Discussion
    Probably not. I rarely listen to the entire album, even though it's one of the greatest crossover albums. But this song is a stone cold grade A anthem.
  5. Music: Recording Studio
    I have a shit ton of questions. Here's a really rough messy demo of the kind of shit I am going for. -How the fuck do you do cymbal chokes in EZ Drummer? The muted cymals on the key maps aren't really chokes. I want like, Demolition Hammer style...
  6. General Music Discussion
    Not sure who knows this, but for most of my life, my main instrument was trumpet. I played it as my principal instrument in college for my music degree, and minored in classical trumpet performance. As a result, I was blown away by how good this is. To be able to play this effortlessly...
  7. General Music Discussion
    For those of you who miss the nope or just wanna feel the need for nope, here is my cover of the Nope Gun Anthem with my own nope. Enjoy. I nope.
  8. Computers, Electronics, Gaming & IT
    A Petition To Change The US National Anthem To...Guile's Theme Fuck yeah! :yesway::metal:
  9. General Music Discussion
    Why does it take a comedian to sing it straight, without any of the show offy bullshit?
  10. General Music Discussion
    I say sort of cuz its really Spencer and Taylor's idea. (the engineer, whose studio we are currently recording our album at) Sponce did vocals, Taylor produced and played guitar, Will his assistant played bass, and i played the drums (Matt went in the next day to retrack the choruses because i...
  11. General Music Discussion
    Video: Tool's Adam Jones Performs National Anthem at WWE SummerSlam | Guitar World I like Tool, and Jones is a brilliant musician, but this sucks. I don't like it with the "divas" over-vibrato the shit out of it, and I don't like it when guitarists embellish it like this either. Play the...
  12. Music: Recording Studio
    ...of today. Thank you. I actually wrote, programmed, and recorded this whole song on a single afternoon when I was bored out of my brains 2 years ago. The song is called "Street Market." From the Soundclick description: And here it is unveiled for the first time in its unedited glory. All...
1-14 of 15 Results