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  1. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    :metal: :metal: Ah loves me some Andy Wood. :agreed:
  2. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    Blazes motherfucker! Need I say more? (Pictures stolen from my tech's Instagram) My guy's gonna meet me tonight to give me the guitar back, and I'll elaborate on how they sound when I get it!
  3. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    Went and bought this on Sunday: Pretty much since I've read about the Stilettos back when they first came out, I've always wanted to try one. I finally got the chance -- I found this at a local Sam Ash. Played it, and came back the next day cause I had to have it. In great condition, came...
  4. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    :noodles: Before I begin, let me just give a HUGE shout-out to Guitar Stable on eBay for being fucking fantastic with there service. Seriously, top notch group of people. At first I was horrified because they didn't use Paypal and I had absolutely zero clue how to pay for it, but then I saw the...
  5. Science 101 with Leon
    Canadian-made HIV vaccine approved for human testing | CTV News
  6. General Music Discussion
    Packet Flier is approved for the Rock Band Network! Price: 80 MSP ($0.99 USD) Video: Rhythm Authors - Song Preview Apparently our song's the first to get top difficulty rating :lol: Vocals aren't super difficult, but guitars and drums are top rated.
1-6 of 8 Results