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    I can't find the info on their site at all; does anyone know who (if any) is opening for them on this leg of the tour?
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    So, I joined a gym back in December, have been hitting the treadmill + personal trainer for several weeks now, and now I think I can run a half marathon :lol: But seriously, there's a big run in town in April that a bunch of my buddies from work are participating in, and I need some training...
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  4. General Music Discussion
    If you are in the Portland, OR. area, come on down! I think we are filming another DVD there too. :agreed:
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    Congratulations to's biggest gear whore, Lee, for winning GOTM for April 2009! Lee's stunning Sherman VHSS-7 has a mahogany neck and body, quilted maple top, and ebony fretboard. Congratulations, Lee!
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    BLABBERMOUTH.NET - BEHEMOTH: NERGAL ESP Signature Guitar Unveiled :rocker:
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    It's the issue with Kirk Hammet and Adam Jones on the cover. Anyone spot the Sherman 8-string about ten pages in?
  9. General Music Discussion :: news :: 09.2008 I'm not sure what to think. I like that it's a concept album but after Operation Mindcrime II I have little faith in the band to put out a solid set of songs. :(