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    Hey guys just uploaded a cover of Laid to Rest by Lamb of God, Still tryin to get the tone dialled in but would be interested in what you think of the new Ibanez Artist Series ARZ400T Any idea's for how i can improve on the tone using pod farm would be greatly appreciated :) Check out my...
  2. General Music Discussion It's with great pleasure I can announce I am now a Laney Amplification artist. I remember dreaming of this when I was 17 and was using their amps to test out Ibanez guitars at the music store! I am waiting for an Ironheart 60 as we speak, and using...
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    Rights Group Fined For Not Paying Artist For Anti-Piracy Ad | TorrentFreak Irony. :lol:
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    .:: AMT Electronics - Artists /Fred Brum ::. They even called the Stonehead "Doom Toaster" per my request. :wub: Sergey Marichev, the founder, was at the Musikmesse this year and he was the one to give me the Legend 2 pedals for me to try out. Sergey is a surreally nice guy, and in spite of...
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    Any of you guys know anything about these? I'm reading generally positive things about the AR307, and a friend just pointed this out to me today. I'd have to change the pickups out obviously (and maybe a few other things), but I'm just curious to know if anyone has played one yet.
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    The ESP Guitar Company :: News Gotta say, that's another bad one for them to lose. Unearth may not be Meshuggah big, but they've arguably been one of the bands to do the most for 7-strings since Korn (as far as mainstream metal, getting kids interested in 7-strings). I noticed this when I...
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    The new Interview section is up, and a work in progress. Bear with me as I get the layout dialed in, the format is a bit rough right now. Thanks to Blankplank for helping us kick it off with an inaugural video interview with Dino Cazares! Artist Interviews
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    I was reading there is some kind of artist discount available when buying an AXE FX. Does anyone know if this is only for bigger acts, or does this apply to people in smaller bands like me who gig out a lot? Tried a google search with no luck Thanks guys
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    Zdzislaw Beksinski - Official website presented by Belvedere Gallery This guys stuff is freakin' fantastic. :metal: